Why Bonjour Mon amour


Paris means different things to different people. For some Paris is history. For others Paris is romance. Some lose themselves wandering her cobbled streets. Some stand in awe reflecting on the majesty of her landmarks. That is the magic of this city – Her ability to inspire all who visit.

Unfortunately, many people visit and never get to experience the City of Lights the way they should. They are forced into a preset itinerary following a guide who reads from scripts with neither the time or guidance to discover the romance and inspiration that is Paris. These overly busy, poorly organized trips herd tourists through the city like cattle, with endless queues at museums, restaurants, and the Eiffel Tower, causing frustration and discontent.

Your visit to Paris with Bonjour Mon Amour is different. We believe your trip begins with you. We take the time to understand what matters to you and have the ability to unlock exceptional experiences tailored exclusively for you. We arrange, on your behalf, tours with unprecedented access to the city's cultural, gastronomic, historical, and fashion landmarks. Visit, like no other, the birthplace of enlightenment and the sites that have inspired poets, philosophers, engineers, scientists, athletes, and lovers galore.
A truly memorable visit to the city requires the management of a thousand details and some occasional problem solving. Your Bonjour Mon Amour Concierge will handle everything on your behalf. They will work with you to develop a unique journey of discovery tailored to your specifications that provides the most unique and memorable experiences Paris has to offer. They will seamlessly and unobtrusively guide you throughout your journey and are available 24/7 to ensure the needs of you, and your guests, are well met. Feel free, at any time, to request additions or make changes to your visit. This is your vacation not an itinerary
Bonjour Mon Amour opens the door for you to the best restaurants, wine cellars, salons, and magasins Paris has to offer. Even our most famous landmarks and museums will be open for you to experience. We design your visit so that you can discover the treasures of Paris in a calm and unhurried way. Many will visit the City of Lights, but few experience the most celebrated Paris has to offer quite like this.
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