Visit A la Mere de Famille, Paris' oldest sweet shop

Enjoy retro treats of times gone by

Founded it 1761, this is the oldest confiserie in the city and it shows in all the right ways, from the iconic Belle Époque type on the storefront to the glass jars full of bonbons inside. You'll feel like you stepped straight into 18th century Paris.


À la Mère de Famille first opened in 1761. Over the years the chocolate shop/confectioners, which also sells ice cream, cakes and pastries, has become a well-known institution.

Located on the corner of rue du Faubourg Montmartre and rue de Richer, the historic boutique and its listed shop window are worth a visit.


Antique tiles, countertops with patinated wooden counter, metal chandeliers and pendants. Bonbonnières aligned between the elegance and carefree.

Everything here is reminiscent of the Belle Epoque, This historic shop has not changed much. It’s an Parisian treasure and the location is also a piece of French heritage, as the place is listed as a historical monument since 1984.


The inside is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Old-style sweet jars, nougats, bergamots, caramels, pralines and marshmallow squares.

There, you can buy their homemade iced chestnuts, considered the best in Paris.


The orange-labeled gift boxes of candy and chocolates are always a pleasure as are the treats of times gone by.

 Take a step back in time as you sample caramel roudoudous eaten out of the shell, marshmallow ropes and pretty violets.

Some details of the experience.

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