Travel to the small village of Giverny

Visit the small village of Giverny where Claude Monet lived for 43 years

Discover Giverny, a small village, 80 km to the West of Paris, best known for its most famous resident, Claude Monet. Many famous artists have found inspiration in Giverny. The painters Sargent, Metcalf, Ritter, Taylor, Wendel, Robinson, Bruce and Breck all admired the landscape surrounding this beautiful town.


Giverny is best known as the site of the home where Claude Monet lived and painted for 43 years. Monet's former home is now a museum and registered monument which welcomes thousands of art enthusiasts annually.

Tour Monet's workshop and bedrooms admiring the furnishings as they were arranged when the artist resided in Giverny.


A stop in Monet's gardens is a must when visiting Giverny. Wander the paths of Monet's Water Garden an aesthetic universe overflowing with different flowers chosen by Monet including peonies, azaleas, wisteria and roses.

Walk across Monet's Japanese Bridge which inspired his most famous works-The Water Lilies series now on display in the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris.


The Museum of Impressionism Giverny is dedicated to the Impressionist Movement and revealing its impact on future artists. 

The museum is structured by two temporary installations which change seasonally but never disappoint.


Visit Hotel Baudy located in downtown Giverny. Artists such as Metcalf, Cezanne, Renoir and Monet himself spent hours in the hotel's gardens finding inspiration and companionship.

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