The Loire Valley

Discover what is known to many as "The Garden of France"

Travel to The Loire Valley for a true sampling of French majesty and grandeur.  Located just a short train ride from Paris, The Loire Valley, steeped in history, is home to many of France's most opulent chateaux and abundant vineyards.  


Visit Chateau de Chambourd, the largest chateau in the Loire Valley, was built as a hunting lodge for Francis I. The estate dates from a time when chateaux in the Loire Valley were no longer designed for medieval defenses but instead for purely asthetic enjoyment. There are over 400 rooms and 84 staircases in this massive castle. Of particular interest is a double staircase designed by Leonardo DaVinici. Two independent staircases are built in a double helix so that those ascending do not meet those descending. Enjoy the sounds of nature while you explore the immense grounds of this iconic chateau.


Perched atop a promotory overlooking the Loire Valley, Chateau d'Amboise provides not only a glimpse into the history of this region, but also spectacular views of the Loire Valley. Housed here is an exceptional collection of Gothic and Renaissance furniture indicative of the French Renaissance. Take a private tour of the chateau to enjoy behind the scenes access to the tunnels, towers and underground passages, whose spiral stairways allowed both men and horses to make their ascent/descent into the chateau. Be sure to stop in the gardens which have been restored in classical French design. 


Visit the stunning Bouvet Ladubay a producer of fine sparking wines which have won over 500 medals of excellence over the past decade.  Discover the eight kilometers of cellars dug into the Truffeau stone.  Or explore the "underground cathedral," a collection of 35 monumental sculptures tucked away in underground galleries while you learn about the intricate wine making process.  


Visit the  Troglo Museum of Rochemenier where you can explore the once densely inhabited underground city.  You will be impressed by the quality of life the inhabitents enjoyed from the late 17th century until the 1930's.  The museum provides guided tours in addition to personal electronic devices which will give you a glimpse into what life was like for the citizens of Rochemenier. 


If the city has inspired artists, the art they created, housed in the Louvre, has inspired the world. Enjouy a privately guided and tranquil to explore the Louvre and all its treasures.


The contemporary glass Louvre Pyramid heralds the museum's entrance, highly controversial upon its construction, is now one of Paris’ cultural treasures. The glass pyramid’s spectacular nighttime illumination is not to be missed.


Observe masterpieces of the art, in particular the statue of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, possibly the most famous painting in the world, La Grande Odalisque, Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa, and the work of David and Delacroix.


Your guide can ensure you see all of its highlights and hidden gems and will share with you in-depth background information on all the significant periods and pieces of art in the museum.

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A glass of champagne

(Sample of menu with 5 dishes to choose from the following 6) :

To wait: Marinated Sea bream, beetroot

∝ Pan-fried duck foie gras, parsnip and prune

∝ Macaroni with black truffle, slightly gratinated

∝ Sections of roasted Sole, Salsify and condiment with Sorrel

∝ Volaille jaune en demi-deuil, vegetables of the season, Albufera sauce

∝ Contemporary Vacherin with pineapple and lime

∝ The crunchy chocolate nut of our creation in Paris


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