What is Bonjour Mon Amour


We arrange, on your behalf, tours of Paris with unprecedented access to the city’s cultural, gastronomic, historical, and fashion landmarks. Visit, like no other, the birthplace of enlightenment and the sites that have inspired poets, philosophers, engineers, scientists, athletes, and lovers galore.

Bonjour Mon Amour welcomes those who want to discover, with exclusive and unique access, Paris and its French romanticism. To create a trip that is perfect for you, your Mon Amour Concierge will arrange a personal consultation during which we seek to discover all you wish necessary to conceive your experience of a lifetime.


Our Concierges are chosen for their in-depth knowledge of the city, unparalleled access they can gain, and their discretion. Before your arrival, your Mon Amour Concierge will make all your arrangements and lay out an itinerary to unlock the secrets of Paris. They will seamlessly and unobtrusively guide you throughout your journey and are available 24/7 to ensure the needs of you, and your guests, are well met.

We customize each trip to your liking and pace. Fashion, food, music, art, monuments, spas, and nature are all themes we work to tailor throughout the year.

Bonjour Mon Amour will create your trip of a lifetime and the memories you will keep forever. Bienvenue.


Mission statement : become a world leader in planning romantic trips.

Bonjour Mon Amour welcomes couples who want to discover Paris and its French romanticism with the highest level of comfort and service possible.

We offer our clients special, high-quality experiences, ensure they won’t miss out on what they want to see and experience, and provide constant advice and support by means of a personal concierge who is fully dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly at all times.

We develop a very close relationship with our partners to ensure top-quality performance and service primarily focused on attentiveness and customer satisfaction. The rooms, restaurants, services, and activities are selected with care to meet the demands of clients eager to make this moment in their life as a couple wonderful.

Our clients are guaranteed to stay in rooms chosen in advance, find a good table at the best restaurants, create a perfume at top fragrance brands, take classes from great chefs, float down the Seine in a private boat, attend the Opera in style, dine at Versailles like Louis XIV, discover the most beautiful pieces in the Louvre, and take a day or two to visit Champagne, Normandy, Provence, or the French Rivera.

We customize each trip to our clients' liking and pace. Fashion, food, music, art, monuments, spas, and nature are all themes we work to customize throughout the year.

Bonjour Mon Amour aspires to make each trip exceptional so that the couple will remember it forever.